Saturday, June 18, 2016

Build a new endurance pack - the path less traveled

Why begin this journey? Believe me, I've asked this question of myself a number of times over the last few years. From the day I first started toying with the idea of developing my own endurance pack to the day just recently when I actually signed a contract with a product developer to formally begin the project, "why" has been the most frequently asked question. 
There are great packs in the market. Large organizations with scores of product developers are tasked each year to provide awesome products to the masses of endurance athletes. Why take that on?
It's still a good question. 
Answer? Because I can? Because I see value in my product? Because I hope it fills a void/need in the market? Because I can make money? All reason, but none really capture the essence of why. Yes, they all contribute to it. But the "why" really comes down to the fact that I see it as the path less traveled. I see it as my challenge. Ever since the idea came into my head I've felt that this is my next challenge. I've tried to disregard the idea. I have a full time job that I love and is very busy. I have a family, and the Feed Your Crazy brand to build. Why take this on? Maybe the God (the universe, higher power, earth's energy - depending on who you are) feels that I can learn from this challenge. Regardless of the degree of success that comes from this project, I believe good will come of it. And ignoring it would be tantamount to ignoring a prompting, missing an opportunity to improve myself. For every time I've tried to burry it I've had an experience bringing the idea back onto my plate. I'm dense, but not stupid. It's a journey I need to take on.
So here it is. I'm taking on the challenge of designing, manufacturing, and launching a new endurance pack line. Runners beware. Cyclists watch out. Hikers / speed hikers keep your eyes open. Our journey down the path less traveled may result in something pretty cool. I'm not promising all things to all people. And our beginnings will be humble. I I'm not taking this on with big financial backers and their resources. I'm using grass roots to get the product developer. Some of my own money to get it started and likely using something like Kickstarter to get the first batch funded. Social sharing is appreciated :) 
So where are we today? I've spent two years talking about it. I've shared the idea with dozens of athletes, runners, cyclists, hikers (mostly under NDA). Paranoid idea guy? Yes. I have pages of notes, drawings, and a head full of what we launch with, and what follows after. We have a product developer with experience in the market and understanding the critical elements of fabric, construction, and design. Paired with my own experience and the combined experience of my close associates who will be checking out the product at every stage of design and beta testing I believe we have the critical eyes to turn a dream into reality. 
Why write the blog? 
Because it isn't just about the pack. As I've already said - the universe teaches us lessons in everything we do. And I want to share my journey, my struggles, my frustrations, dreams, successes and ideas with anyone interested. 
Disclaimers? None. I won't be sharing the specific details of the pack until it is ready to launch. Don't want to give away my competitive advantage. But I will be sharing the process and everything that comes with it. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the experiences, and how your own journey is similar / dissimilar - regardless of the struggle you are facing. 
Why share through Feed Your Crazy? Because the project does not have its own brand yet. Will it be a FYC product? Or have its own brand? We'll decide. But mostly this is feeding my crazy. It drives me, motivates me and excites me. It's part of who we are. 
Let's get started
We'd love the help sharing the blog, the brand and our journey. Struggled to build something from scratch in the past? You know what we are talking about. Let's chat about it. 
All our best. 
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